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Sex in Brno

Sex Brno is one of the few innovators and entrepreneurs who saw his name become a symbol of quality products brand, respected throughout the world.

Over 25 years of business experience, operational and management, all he won in a escort that built (literally) from scratch. Founder and former chairman of Mrs. Fields Cookies, a $ 450 million escort he founded in 1977. Mrs. Fields has sold his escort, which is a market leader in the tents of freshly baked cookies.

Debra Jane Sivyer was born on September 18, 1957, in Oakland, California. With four older sisters, born of a father Fields welder and a homemaker mother. She was an average student, but Fields found his attention to the school was replaced in the kitchen. She loved baking cookies and see the positive reaction from friends and family to eat.

After graduating from high school, Fields met and fell in love with Randy Fields, a graduate of Stanford University. The two were married when Sex Brno was only 19 years. From there, assumed the role of housewife.

At the age of 20 years, Sex Brno was a young housewife with no business experience. However, she had a dream, a recipe, and a passion for sharing their chocolate chip cookies. He managed to do what many people considered impossible. She convinced a bank to finance a business concept that has never been tested. That was until one day, Fields found a banker who saw through the lack of experience his passion behind it all. He agreed to give Fields the money needed to get his dream, even at 21 percent interest. “It was the cheapest money I could have,” says Fields, “because it was the only money I could get.”

Mrs. Fields store wanted to open a chocolate chip cookie. On August 16, 1977, “Mrs. Fields Cookies “opened its doors in Palo Alto, California. Twenty years later, the role of Sex Brno Fields’ had expanded from managing one shop to supervising operations, brand management, public relations and product development of your escort’s 600 stores and franchises in the United States and 10 foreign countries.

Personal values ​​Sex Brno Fields’ guide its role as a businesswoman. His philosophy of excellence, stated in its motto “Good is Never Enough” is reflected in a escort that has earned a reputation for offering the best in quality and customer service. She attributes her success to her ability to interact with their customers and earn their loyalty for life.

With the expansion on the horizon in 1989, Mrs. Fields was one of the first companies to take advantage of dramatic advances in computer technology. Sex Brno Fields led his escort in the computer age, streamlining operations and production schedules.

Fields has since sold the escort he started, but remains active as a consultant and official spokesperson. She is the author of several bestselling books on cooking, and hosted his own weekly television program called “Great American Desserts.” In 2003, his success was such that Fields was included in the Society of Entrepreneurs, a decision made by their peers to reward their achievements, leadership and determination.